Over 60K Words on LinkedIn: What I Wrote About

Clarice Lin
3 min readNov 8, 2017


Iam the number 1 LinkedIn Enthusiast. About a fortnight ago, I requested a copy of my data activities from LinkedIn. I wanted to find out how active I was on LinkedIn and what topics I have been interacting with.

For those who are not aware about it, each LinkedIn user can go to the “Settings” page and request for a copy of your activities and what you have put up on LinkedIn.

The data archive was ready for download 15 hours later.

What I Found in My Data Archives

I was blown away by my findings!!

On average, I write about 32 comments per day, equating to about 1,176 words. So what do I actually comment about?

Before I spent some time examining over 60,000 words I’ve composed in all my comments, I removed words like “thank you”. This was because I was more interested to find out the exact content of what I write about rather than the “thanks” that would skew the results I was after.

A heart-shaped WordCloud of all the comments I made on LinkedIn

My top word was “like”!

To express my interest and love in a wide variety of topics.

I use like to give examples and case studies to back up my opinions! :)

My second frequently use word was “content”

I keep promoting content to people.

I ask people when they plan to start creating content.

Content marketing, content creation, content creators, content that your audience want.

Post was the next top word.

I kept mentioning the viral post and post engagement, asked folks about top performing posts and if they post at the same time everyday :)

And I tell people when I LIKE their Post :)

My next most used word was People!

People connecting with people.

When people start to follow you.

How people will trust you.

Like-minded people I’ve met.

It was an incredible reflection of how I communicate with people on LinkedIn and what I frequently preach about.

The First Ever LinkedIn Quiz Is Launched

On top of the WordCloud, I wanted my community to own their activities on LinkedIn. So I created the first ever “How Enthusiastic Are You About Linkedin Test?”

If you are keen to find out how active you have been on LinkedIn, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Me

2. Click on Settings and Privacy and request for your data. Now you wait.

3. You will get two emails. Look out for the 2nd one that says: “Your full LinkedIn data archive is ready!” It takes ~ 12 hours to arrive. Once you get it, you are ready for the test!!

4. Download the file and be prepared for a collection of files

5. Locate and open the Comments.csv file. Now, open the Link to the test. Click on File

6. Make a Copy. Now you have a copy of the Test on your Google Drive. Copy all your data from the Comments.csv file Paste it into the Test file and follow the instructions step by step. You report will be generated!!

If you are wondering how much time you’ve spent on LinkedIn and what you’ve been up to, this is the test for you.

If you are ready, comment below and I will send you the link :)

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