How I Got 30,517 Views for One Linkedin Post in 2 days

Clarice Lin
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My Linkedin Post Views on last Friday. Today it’s standing at 79,451.

I had a new breakthrough last week.

My fifth post on LinkedIn racked up 30,517 views in just two days!!

I became very active on Linkedin about three weeks ago.

Everyday, I logged into LI, engaged with content and exchanged thoughts with my growing network.

Build Up to the Viral Idea

Last Monday morning, I stared at my screen for a long time. I wondered what I should write about.

What would the audience be most interested in?

I wanted to write something useful and valuable but there were too many options and nothing stood out.

To get some inspiration,I scrolled around Linkedin and interacted with a couple of posts to get some inspiration.

One after another, I commented on multiple posts and ….wham!

I returned to Google docs and wrote out a frustration piece.

About how Linkedin could improve on their features.

I recommended an edit function so I don’t have to try to get my words all right the first time.

I explained wow Facebook usage has developed my reliance on Reactions and Gifs. And why the Like button somehow didn’t seem to sufficiently express my thoughts.

It was short, easy and quick. I clicked “Publish” early afternoon.

The responses came in, one after another.

Some were on board with my suggestions while a couple were shaking their heads.

What I didn’t expect was how well my post resonated with the audience.

Within half a day, the view numbers were on track towards 1000.

I thought that was it.

Till Heidi Wang, Product Manager from Linkedin actually responded to my post!

She appreciated the feedback and shared LI’s next steps with me.

That reply drove up my view numbers to over 2K overnight!

I was thrilled!!

Adrenaline kept pumping throughout my body the entire day as I continue to receive feedback from active LI users.

Crafting the Killer Post

After a sleep on it, I had THE idea for my next post.

I wanted to get heads together.

To generate more ideas around Linkedin’s future.

Afterall, this was OUR platform.

User research is extremely important for any product development.

It helps the product team gain better clarity into creating the right features.

To come up with something that users REALLY want and find useful.

It will be a win-win for both parties.

I translated my thoughts into words while tagging Heidi and a group of active influencers in my network.

And I published it.

The Viral Post

It gained steady traction in the day.

While I continue to interact with the comments I received.

Before I retired for bed on Wednesday night, it was nearing 5,000 views.

On the following day, view numbers had spiked to over 10,000!!

Because Heidi replied to my tag.

She and her team are following my thread closely to hear our opinions.

It’s Sunday evening right now and I’ve just checked the numbers: 54,446.

I’m blown away by how this huge collaboration work has gained so much support from LinkedIn and the amazing LI regulars.

To date, I have seen very valuable feedback. Everyone has been very enthusiastic and have been chipping in with their thoughts. There have also been a couple of folks who have even offered potential solutions to the LI Product Team!

I believe a better Linkedin is slowly shaping up.

My Learnings From this Episode

This reminded me of a quote by Steve Jobs.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

My initial LI frustrations post has gone over the 10,000 mark.

As a result of my viral posts, my connections have grown rapidly this week.

And I’ve discovered the one key ingredient that drives a post viral.

Ordinary posts become viral only when they bring value to others.

In this case, Linkedin and LI customers both stand to gain.

What do you think?

When do you share a post with your connections?

What do you think make a post viral?

I’d love to hear from you.

LMK in the comments below :)

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